EPISODE #5 Nayla – Founder and CEO of NAYLA listen the podcast I am very excited to share with you in this fifth episode the story of Nayla, the owner of a luxury and ethical sandal brand named by her name: Nayla. After doing marketing studies and being product development manager for the luxury fashion… Continue reading EPISODE #5 NAYLA


EPISODE #4 Adriana – Colombian Designer, Founder and Creative Director Of Adriana Castro listen the podcast For the fourth episode of Meet the Makers podcast, I had the honor of interviewing Adriana Castro, a fashion designer from Colombia and the creator of her eponymous brand Adriana Castro. Adriana is the kind of woman that radiates… Continue reading EPISODE #4 ADRIANA


EPISODE #3 Victoria – Co-founder of Capsool, fashion model and photographer listen the podcast For the third episode, meet Victoria Cooper, a creative Italian living in Miami and the co-founder of Capsool, a vintage, sustainable and genderless mobile and online store.Victoria comes from Napoli, a beautiful city in Italy where creativity is everywhere and, where… Continue reading EPISODE #3 VICTORIA


EPISODE #2 Melissa – Owner Of Munai from Bolivia & fashion designer listen the podcast I am very excited to share with you in this second episode the story of Melissa, a young fashion designer and the creator of MUNAI. She makes us travel back to Bolivia, her natal country and the place of birth… Continue reading EPISODE #2 MELISSA