Melissa - Owner Of Munai from Bolivia & fashion designer

I am very excited to share with you in this second episode the story of Melissa, a young fashion designer and the creator of MUNAI. She makes us travel back to Bolivia, her natal country and the place of birth of MUNAI.


She’s a very determined and lively person, as well as very passionate about her job. She grew up in Bolivia with a Bolivian dad and an American mom, and she traveled to Miami at the age of 18 to study in the Miami University of Art and Design. 

Melissa thinks that you know in your heart if you want to do something for the world, and if it is the case, just go with the flow and be fearless

Not forgetting her roots, she goes back her natal country to travel all around it and discover the rich heritage of her ancestors. She also goes back to school in Bolivia and learns the hard way to understand the smallest details of traditional handicrafts from her country. 


Her mission is to not only help artisans from her country, but to also help women by making them feel beautiful and improving their quality of life, providing them new opportunities where they can develop their talents. We are truly inspired by Melissa, her story and the work she has done with her roots.

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