Adriana - Colombian Designer And Owner Of Adriana Castro

For the third episode, meet Victoria Cooper, a creative Italian living in Miami and the co-founder of Capsool, a vintage, sustainable and genderless mobile and online store.
Victoria comes from Napoli, a beautiful city in Italy where creativity is everywhere and, where she had been highly inspired.

After her move to the US where she felt more in tune with as a model and photographer, she co-found Capsool.

She sources high quality vintage and secondhand clothes in Italy, and in more than a conscious and incredible selection, she often upcycles them! Their Airstream mobile store concept make them unmatched and unique!

Victoria believes that you always have to challenge yourself otherwise your dreams stay as ideas

Capsool, as a sustainable brand creates designs from recycled clothes and fabrics. She does not see sustainability as a trend but as a lifestyle. As a vintage store, the selection is conscious, avant gardiste and high hand. The philosophy is to express yourself with no genders and limits.

Her vision is to feel free on wearing what you want and feel good and confident. We just cannot get enough of it! Feel inspired by Victoria’s mindset and vision on sustainability, overcoming obstacles and becoming what you really want.

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