Adriana - Colombian Designer, Founder and Creative Director Of Adriana Castro

For the fourth episode of Meet the Makers podcast, I had the honor of interviewing Adriana Castro, a fashion designer from Colombia and the creator of her eponymous brand Adriana Castro. Adriana is the kind of woman that radiates an all room with her energy and a great vibe. She is elegant, she is fearless, she is feminine, she is delicate.


Her vision for her handbags and accessories design is influenced by who she is as a woman. Her brand is aligned with her values, philosophy and lifestyle. Her passion for fashion and bags started at a young age and that she finally jumped completely into it later on.

Adriana welcomes all new experiences and thinks that there is no failure, only trials and successes

I had been stunned by the importance she gives to storytelling, culture and know-how. I am happy that you will be able to discover as much as I did. Everything she shares about her experience as a designer working with indigenous communities is incredible.


I also particularly enjoyed the transparency she gives on her entrepreneur life,

brand growth and challenges she had to face.


Let’s discover the incredible journey of Adriana Castro.

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