Nayla - Founder and CEO of NAYLA

I am very excited to share with you in this fifth episode the story of Nayla, the owner of a luxury and ethical sandal brand named by her name: Nayla.

After doing marketing studies and being product development manager for the luxury fashion brand Theory, Nayla created in 2018 her own footwear brand whose name fully represents her identity.

The brand emphasizes the concept of a footwear collection of sandals meeting the requirements of luxury, sustainability, and versatility. Eco innovation is at the heart of the brand. All sandals are carefully handcrafted and classify as chic and versatile.

This brand is both ecofriendly and environmentally focused.

By emphasizing sustainability I wish to raise a new wave of of social and environmental awareness.

I love the bridge that she built between sustainability and design. Her brand is clearly inspired by the place she lives in Miami and its colorful art deco architecture.

She did a huge work in terms of sourcing of eco-friendly materials, and she will explain in the episodes the 3 main components she is using: the wild rubber, the pineapple leather, and the fish scales.

Being sustainable and fashionable match together.

I loved her dedication in creating an association in order to support local communities. She wants to be aware, handle and master all the aspect of the brand and make sure that all the process is right and fair.

Nayla will speak about her story, her brand, she will go in details into the materials she is using, before to talk about how she visions her brand in the future.

I hope you will enjoy discovering about her incredible brand.


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