Evolve towards a more conscious fashion conception and build sustainable brands to get closer to our values and to achieve our dreams! Here is my objective. My name is Alexandrine Michelas and I interview in this podcast amazing people with who I share a common philosophy. Some helped me in my researches, some inspired me, some even changed my vision of seeing the world and seeing consumption.


The idea is, through their story, to be more aware of conscious and ethical fashion and to understand the key of success of social businesses. It is dear to my heart to help my guests to spread their message.

#1 Alyssa - owner of Hiptipico in Guatemala, digital creator and indigenous ally

For the first episode of Meet the Makers podcast, I had the honor of interviewing Alyssa Mc Gary. Alyssa, well-known as @alyssaya on Instagram, is the owner of Hiptipico, an ethical fashion brand based in Guatemala, empowering indigenous artisans.